Case:  Smak

Concept for a food delivery service with strategy and design as part of my University degree in Marketing Communications.

With the task of creating a concept for a food delivery service, the project group delivered SMAK (Taste). In a mature market with stiff competition, we focused on the target group 55+ who do not always get modern services adapted to their lifestyle. SMAK focused on the social value of dining experiences and offering food from more niche restaurants, which the target group in dialogue with SMAK would recommend. The message was therefore that with SMAK you save time, so you have more time to enjoy life.

The slogan “En Smaksak” (A Matter of Taste) reflected the positioning as a nische brand. Smak was going to focus on restaurants that weren’t yet in business with food delivery services, but were nonetheless requested by a somewhat discarded demographic on the market.




Also including images of a younger lifestyle. Older people do not always want to be treated as old and in fact sometimes identify with younger lifestyles. SMAK was not going to assume. SMAK was going to listen.


According to research, older target groups have stronger opinions and are less open to alternative arguments. We wanted to embrace this by encouraging a dialogue between SMAK and the target group. Here we offered customers a chance to recommend restaurants.