Trade Marketing Internship

A fast-paced experience where I supported the Professional Product Division with managing brands such as Redken, Matrix, Kérastase, Shu Uemura and L’Oréal Profesionnel, with hair salons and hairstylists as customers. By producing content for all the brands I  gained experience working strategically with a brand portfolio. Overall I learned a lot about relationship marketing and the hands-on approach required for it to succeed, the level of coordination behind national product launches, and the value of doing all the above whilst also having fun.

Event Organisation

I designed and ordered brand material for an event with Swedens top 300 hairstylists.





I planned and coordinated Biolage event for their partnering retail stores such as Åhlens, LYKO, and Bangerhead. Our intentions were to show off the latest releases and create an environment which encouraged attendees to share their experience on Instagram. On the day of the event I was in charge of creating the set pieces and directing the team with packing goodiebags.

Social Media

Two versions of a post on Facebook and Instagram for Redken Iceland. I streamlined the creative process by clarifying the separation of roles for convergent and divergent thinking. I focused on generating many different ideas and variants, which then gave my managers the foundation to provide well-founded feedback. This saved me time and facilitated their decision making.


I designed and wrote newsletters for Redken’s loyalty program. With the program MailChimp, I was able to match the message with a visual expression to give customers a punchy introduction to the new offers.

In-Store Displays

A customer with three salons in central Stockholm requested signage for a Biolage offer. Large displays have a strong positive effect on sales, but even a few smaller, related posters increase sales compared to a sign. Since I was limited to printing in A3 format and smaller, I chose to divide the message into several posters. The message was then designed according to the information needs of salon visitors.

The customer were so happy with the material that L’Oréal’s salespeople began to ask for posters for their other customers.

The posters make use of the proximity effect, which is based on the fact that people are most susceptible to advertising just before buying a product.

Here are some more posters