Case: IF Försäkringar

Advertising strategy for one of Swedens largest insurance companies as part of my University degree in Marketing Communications.

The goal was to attract at least 25,000 new customers by the end of 2018. We conducted a survey showing that If is already the most salient brand in several insurance categories. However, 90% of the target group 18-30 were not interested in insurance. The challenge was therefore to increase the category interest and strengthen the associations that the target group considers most important in the choice of insurance companies.

Reliability and competence were the most important attributes in the category. The leading brand in these attributes had 60% reliability and 63% competence, compared to If, which had 50% and 43% respectively. The aim was therefore to be at the top of these associations in the campaign follow-up.



The concept would show and remind the target group about upcoming situations during the transition period to adulthood where insurance was the most relevant to them.


The message was that insurance is something positive that goes hand in hand with the target group’s leap into a more independent life.

Since there is often a disconnect between insurance companies and younger groups, we positioned the brand as particularly understanding of their needs and in detail prove how If’s services with them specifically in mind. This conveys the desired brand image of competence and reliability.


The concept portrayed experiences associated with young adults’ liberations from childhood such as moving away from home, finding true love, traveling or buying a car.

In these moments, If ensures that life will roll on no matter what obstacles they encounter along the way.