Flying the nest.





We all started somewhere.

 Where did you start? And what did it take to get to where you are today? I’m guessing a hell of a lot of hard work, and I’m ready for it. Here is my version of a portfolio highlighting some projects in advertising and market communications that I have done so far, whether at University or as an Intern. I am a big fan of the creative Lee Clow, and according to the eternal wisdom of the internet, he once said:



”Creativity thrives on a consistent diet of challenges and opportunities,

which are often one and the same”.

And I totally agree, regardless of whether Lee Clow said it or not. Because I am ready to take the step into my professional career, face challenges as opportunities, so that I can grow creatively. Here is where I started.


Trade Marketing Internship



A fast-paced experience where I supported the Professional Product Division by managing brands such as Redken, Matrix, Kérastase, Shu Uemura and L’Oréal Profesionnel, by targeting hair salons and hairstylists. By working with the communication of all the brands, I gained a new perspective on positioning and the strategy behind a brand portfolio. But overall I learned an incredible amount in relationship marketing, CRM and the strategic planning behind national product launches.

Event Organisation

I designed and ordered brand material for an event with Swedens top 300 hairstylists.
Planned and coordinated Biolage event with POS-material and goodiebags.

Sociala Media Posts

Two versions of  a design for a post on Facebook and Instagram for Redken Iceland. I streamlined the creative process by clarifying the separation of roles for convergent and divergent thinking. I focused on generating many different ideas and variants, which then gave my managers the foundation to provide well-founded feedback. This saved me time and facilitated their decision making.



Created design and content for a newsletter for Redken’s loyalty program. With the program MailChimp, I was able to match the message with a visual expression to give customers a punchy introduction to the new offers.

In-store Displays


A customer with three salons in central Stockholm requested signage for a Biolage offer. Since I was limited to printing in A3 format and smaller, I chose to divide the message into several posters. Large displays have a very positive effect on sales, but even a few related posters increase sales compared to a sign. The message was then designed according to the information needs of salon visitors.

The customer were so happy with the material that L’Oréal’s salespeople began to demand posters for their other customers.

Atl bild text här
The posters make use of the proximity effect, which is based on the fact that people are most susceptible to advertising just before buying a product.

Get life rolling.

Advertising strategy for the brand If Insurance

Creative Brief

The goal was ij 2018 to attract at least 25,000 new customers. We conducted a survey that showed that If is a brand that is already the most salient in several insurance categories. However, it was shown that 90% of the target group 18-30 are not interested in insurance. The challenge, therefore, lay primarily in increasing the category interest and strengthening the associations the target group considers most important in the choice of insurance companies.

The survey showed that reliability and competence were the most important attributes in the category. The leading brand in these attributes had 60% reliability and 63% competence. Compared to If which had 50% and 43% respectively. The aim was therefore to be at the top of these associations in the campaign follow-up.

The concept would show and remind the target group about upcoming situations during the transition period to adulthood where insurance may be needed.



The message was that insurance is something positive that goes hand in hand with the target group’s exciting leap into a more independent life.

Since there is often a disconnect between insurance companies and younger groups. We positioned the brand as particularly undersatndning of their needs and in specifics detail how If has solutions targeted towars them. This conveys the desired brand image of competence and reliability.

The concept portrayed experiences associated with young adults’ liberations from childhood such as moving away from home, finding tru love, traveling or buying a car.

In these moments, If ensures that life will roll on no matter what obstacles they encounter along the way.

Keep Moving Forward.

Advertising strategy and re-branding

Creative Brief

Clusjion is a digital subscription service that enables companies to map different types of unwanted behaviors, large and small, in their workplaces. Unlike its competitors, Clusjion not only focuses on serious harassment and crimes, but gives people the chance to talk about, and develop, their work environments by demanding any type of desired change.

The goal was to broaden the customer base through acquiring new customer that extend beyond the existing network, and to increase brand awareness by creating clearer and more informative communication.












A study showed that the name Clusjion was too complicated and created a short moment of confusion at first glance. We therefore proposed a name change that had a positive framing. It would connote the positive effects of using the service rather than the negative situations that led to the decision to try the service.

”Pro” means both proactivity and professional, which are relevant associations since the company’s vision is to create an engaging work-force that activley take part in creating a better workplace.







We conducted user tests with 20 people on the company’s website. The majority of participants found it difficult to understand the service without further explanation. We therefore chose to redesign the website so that visitors immediately got a simplified explanation of the service.

Vi ville tipsa om tjänsten via Facebook-grupper som exempelvis ”Heja livet”. Gruppen har idag cirka 92 000 medlemmar och är till för kvinnor som vill dela livsråd, tips och tricks med varandra. De proaktiva kvinnliga medlemmarna skulle vara speciellt intresserade av Clusjions vision av en jämställd och inklusive företagskultur.



The company would capitlise on the founder and media personality Sarah McPhee. The brand would be present in several different medias with the aim of discussing problematic work environments but focusing on the positives, such as the solution that Clusjion offers.

The purchase decision was a critical step in the buying process, and the decision makers were in this case the HR departments of potential clients, with which Clusjion had sales meetings. To satisfy these decision makers external serach for information, we wanted to communicate the service’s ”success stories” in, among other things, the business-oriented publication ”Kollega”.
In the long term, Clusjion wanted to establish a certificate for companies with exceptional work environments, which we proposed to a design for with a new identity.

A Matter of Taste

Concept of a food delivery service with strategy and design.

BTW, this was my first logo made with the Adobe Suite. I’m pretty proud of it.


With the task of creating a business idea for food deliveries, the project group delivered SMAK (Taste). In a mature market with stiff competition, we focused on the target group 55+ who do not always get modern services adapted to their lifestyle. SMAK focused on the social value of dining experiences and offering food from more niche restaurants, which the target group in dialogue with SMAK would recommend. The message was therefore that with SMAK you save time, so you have more time to enjoy life.

The slogan ”En Smaksak” (A Matter of Taste) reflected the positioning as a nische brand. Smak was going to focus on restaurants that weren’t yet in business with food delivery services, but were nonetheless requested by a somewhat discarded demographic on the market.

Roughly translated into:

We prefer freshly groomed poodles over failed noodles…

But hey, it’s a matter of Taste!

Taste delivers carefully chosen restaurants to you,

what you do with the time you save is a matter of Taste.



Also including images of a younger lifestyle. ”Old” people do not always whant to be treated as such and in fact sometimes identify with younger lifestyles. Tatse wasn’t going to assume. Taste was going to listen.

Newsletter to existing customers

According to research, older target groups have stronger opinions and are less open to alternative arguments. We wanted to embrace this by encouraging a dialogue between SMAK and the target group. Here we offered customers a chance to recommend restaurants.

Apart from advertising and marketing, I also have a passion for painting.

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